To help a you or a loved one on the path of recovery, National Treatment Centers provides 24/7 drug and alcohol addiction consultations. Our staff can help talk you through the process of getting you or a loved one into rehabilitation, a detox center, in touch with an interventionist, or just be someone to talk to.

Why Call Us?

National Treatment Centers staff is different from any other because we are here just to listen and provide the support you need. We do not charge any fee for this consultation, we are just here to help. Unlike most Treatment Referral sites who are just trying to get you into a specific treatment center we can help guide you towards a center that meets your needs, not ours.

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  • "I was out of control and headed for disaster. I needed help but was denying there was even a problem that I couldn't handle on my own. The counselor came to my home, worked with me and I was in treatment later that day. The intervention saved my life. It's over one year later and my life is better than ever, thank you!"
    - Liz – San Francisco, CA
  • "Addictive Behavior Management has helped me get through treatment and stay in recovery. Getting healthy can be more difficult than imagined after being addicted. The counselors worked with me and now I'm back in school and enjoying life. Thank you!"
    - Lisa – New York, NY
  • "Our son was agressive and manipulative, we couldn't even start to talk to him about his problem. He was in some legal trouble and we feared he would end up in jail or worse. The counselor came to our house after we set up a treatment plan and then drove him into the treatment center that night. We could not have helped our son without the intervention."
    - Phoenix, AZ
  • "My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me and is the loving father of our three daughters. I love him and knew something had to be done, our marriage and household was unraveling. I tried to get him help on my own, but he wouldn't get real treatment. The intervention helped me understand what it takes to get someone you love into treatment and save a marriage. Thank you for all your help."
    - Lori – Orange County, CA
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