drugsDon’t Lose A loved One To This Dangerous Drug!


Heroin addiction is currently one of the biggest drug and alcohol recovery related issues facing our nation. While the good news is that heroin addiction, like many other addictions, is being addressed in a broader sense in the United States, the addiction to heroin still takes lives and ruins families across the country every day.


Don’t Lose A loved One To This Dangerous Drug!

Heroin addiction is currently one of the biggest drug and alcohol recovery related issues facing our nation. While the good news is that heroin addiction, like many other addictions, is being addressed in a broader sense in the United States, the addiction to heroin still takes lives and ruins families across the country every day.

National Treatment Centers helps individuals seeking treatment for heroin addiction through effective drug-free rehabilitation and education. There is no need for someone you love to end up dead or in long term prison from heroin addiction. We can help.

If someone you love is suffering from heroin addiction or an addiction to any other drug or alcohol, contact National Treatment Centers today at 1-800-868-2148 or fill out the confidential form and one of our counselors will contact you to see how we can help you overcome addiction.

Thousands of people from all over the country have received help to beat their addiction to heroin and other drugs and have gone on to lead successful, happy and productive lives from drugs and alcohol. You can do the same.

Heroin has a severe effect on the individual and is a powerful depressant that is highly addictive. Due to widespread popularity heroin, as well as the drastically lowered price of heroin on the street, heroin addiction has increased dramatically among many different populations in the U.S. Younger people are using and becoming addicted as well as many other socially diverse groups of people as a result of the higher potency of the drug and lowered street level price. This of course means more heroin addicts as well as a much greater need for drug rehab geared toward heroin addiction.

Detox for heroin addiction is a much needed service as well. Heroin, like all opiate based drugs, produces severe withdrawal symptoms when a person tries to quite cold turkey. Severe flue like symptoms, muscle and bone aches and pains, nausea, insomnia, vomiting and diarrhea are the most common effects of an individual deciding to quit using heroin. For those withdrawing from heavier daily usage amounts and particularly those in poor health which often accompanies heroin use, death can occur from the withdrawal process. Detox services will be a crucial step in both ensuring the individual withdraws safely from their immediate heroin usage without the more severe side effects while also aiding the person in pushing through the initial withdrawal with nutrition, counseling, extroversive techniques to extrovert the individual’s attention to their surroundings and away from the pains and discomfort they might feel internally. With a person suffering from heroin addiction, withdrawal can be a very pivotal time. They have given up on sobriety in some cases many times in the past simply for a lack of ability to successfully withdraw from the heroin. National Treatment Centers helps individuals successfully get through this process quicker and with less pain than withdrawing with any other process. The staff is dedicated to see the person recover and the majority does exactly that.

The National Treatment Centers drug rehab program for heroin addiction is an in-patient program of a residential nature. Those addicted to heroin will find the drug rehabilitation program offered to heroin addicted individuals the most comprehensive and workable program available today. Even people who have suffered from heroin addiction for 15 years and whom have tried countless other in-patient, out-patient, residential and detox type treatments finally receive the real tools and abilities to successfully leave their addiction behind.

Addiction strikes at the heart of the family it latches onto. When one family member becomes lost inside heroin’s maze of deception and loss, the whole family to some degree becomes lost in the trap of heroin addiction as well. Families spend enormous amounts of energy and time worrying about the person addicted, praying for an end to the nightmare, desperately trying to find the answer to the riddles of addiction and finally fending off the many complications that accompany heroin addiction such as legal issues, over dose, financial burdens etc. Needless to say, when that same family member finally leaves heroin addiction behind and resumes a normal productive enjoyable life, so does the family that loves them as well. Drug rehabilitation is truly a family re-building process and the proof is in the multitude of testimonials available from parent who have gotten their loved one back for good through the National Treatment Centers program for heroin addiction.

If you or someone you love is suffering from heroin addiction, give us a call today. We can help with free information about heroin addiction as well as other addiction information. We will also connect you with a counselor who can walk you through the mechanics of addiction and show you how to start a successful recovery plan today. Heroin addiction need not be the end of the line and overdose and jail need not be the final result of your efforts and love. Get addiction recovery started now.


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  • "I was out of control and headed for disaster. I needed help but was denying there was even a problem that I couldn't handle on my own. The counselor came to my home, worked with me and I was in treatment later that day. The intervention saved my life. It's over one year later and my life is better than ever, thank you!"
    - Liz – San Francisco, CA
  • "Addictive Behavior Management has helped me get through treatment and stay in recovery. Getting healthy can be more difficult than imagined after being addicted. The counselors worked with me and now I'm back in school and enjoying life. Thank you!"
    - Lisa – New York, NY
  • "Our son was agressive and manipulative, we couldn't even start to talk to him about his problem. He was in some legal trouble and we feared he would end up in jail or worse. The counselor came to our house after we set up a treatment plan and then drove him into the treatment center that night. We could not have helped our son without the intervention."
    - Phoenix, AZ
  • "My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me and is the loving father of our three daughters. I love him and knew something had to be done, our marriage and household was unraveling. I tried to get him help on my own, but he wouldn't get real treatment. The intervention helped me understand what it takes to get someone you love into treatment and save a marriage. Thank you for all your help."
    - Lori – Orange County, CA
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