How Rehab Has Helped People Overcome Their Painkiller Pill Addiction

May 23, 2016
Drew Pinsky

Most people are unaware that painkiller pills can also create mood and anxiety disorders if you depend heavily on these medications. Many users seek an easy way out by taking these pills to remedy any of their underlying problems. Instead of using natural remedies; some people use and depend on prescription drugs that contain opioids. … Read More

Overcoming an Eating Disorder with the Help of Rehab

March 28, 2016
Drew Pinsky
2.Eating Disorders_Addictions

It is a fact that a lot of people, especially women, tend to believe that if they are not slim enough all their emotions, actions and performances will not be valued and that they shall be judged only on the value of their beauty. With this constant thought process in mind, it becomes very difficult … Read More

How Rehab Has Helped People Overcome their Addiction

February 12, 2016
Mike Thomas

The journey for a healthy and sober life is not easy or quick. One needs an appreciable commitment along with dedication and hard work which makes it well worth the effort. Like any other journey, the road to becoming a sober person starts with a few simple steps. The specific needs and steps for an … Read More

Alcohol Addiction – The Journey for a Healthy and Sober Life

January 18, 2016
Drew Pinsky
1.Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is a dangerous or unhealthy drinking habit. It is often known as alcoholism. The harmful use of alcohol is a global issue and people of all walks of life are affected by it. According to NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence), 2.5 million people died annually due to alcohol addiction. Addiction … Read More

How Rock Star Steven Tyler has Beaten Drug Addiction after Seeking Treatment

December 20, 2015
Drew Pinsky
Steven Tyler

Nobody has snorted ‘Blurred Lines’ like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith band did. He has been in and out of the rehab eight times. It is estimated that he blew twenty million dollars doing drugs and alcohol alone. He used to quote himself saying that he is a better drug addict than a musician. Only after … Read More

Tom Petty Original Bass Guitar Death, Did Drugs Play a role in it?

February 4, 2008
Drew Pinsky

After watching the super bowl last night I decided to do a little research on Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers. What I found out is that 3 of the original 6 members of the band have passed away. Them being Ron Blair, Stan Lynch, and Howie Epstein. For the sake of sticking to drug … Read More

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  • "I was out of control and headed for disaster. I needed help but was denying there was even a problem that I couldn't handle on my own. The counselor came to my home, worked with me and I was in treatment later that day. The intervention saved my life. It's over one year later and my life is better than ever, thank you!"
    - Liz – San Francisco, CA
  • "Addictive Behavior Management has helped me get through treatment and stay in recovery. Getting healthy can be more difficult than imagined after being addicted. The counselors worked with me and now I'm back in school and enjoying life. Thank you!"
    - Lisa – New York, NY
  • "Our son was agressive and manipulative, we couldn't even start to talk to him about his problem. He was in some legal trouble and we feared he would end up in jail or worse. The counselor came to our house after we set up a treatment plan and then drove him into the treatment center that night. We could not have helped our son without the intervention."
    - Phoenix, AZ
  • "My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me and is the loving father of our three daughters. I love him and knew something had to be done, our marriage and household was unraveling. I tried to get him help on my own, but he wouldn't get real treatment. The intervention helped me understand what it takes to get someone you love into treatment and save a marriage. Thank you for all your help."
    - Lori – Orange County, CA
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