The Problem

Many families have made numerous, unsuccessful attempts to help their addicted loved ones. They may have tried various approaches to control or “fix” the addicted individual or they may have sought help to relieve their suffering from resources such as friends, clergy, doctors, lawyers and mental health professionals. Despite these efforts, families often find little consolation. The addict/alcoholic continues to struggle. Frustration, fear and anger build until families reach the “jumping off point”, and seek addiction-related professional help.

The Solution

There is a professional service, National Treatment Centers (NTC ), that specializes in helping families of alcoholic/addicts to:

1. Get out of crisis.

We help families come to some decisions on their own about what is and what is not acceptable behavior or circumstances within their family. We also educate the family about addiction and provide a variety of individualized care and resources, as appropriate.

2. Immediately address a loved one’s addiction.

This process usually involves addressing the addict’s behavior and facilitating an entrance into an appropriate treatment center.

Focus on the Family

National Treatment Centers focuses on all family members affected by the addiction. We define success not only by the number of individuals that enter treatment but, more importantly, by how many families we are able to move out of crisis.

Raising the Bottom

Treatment for the addicted person is sometimes dangerously delayed because of the mistaken belief that an individual must hit bottom or the idea that treatment will only work if the addict wants it . NTC interventions can effectively raise the bottom for an addict and offer them help with their addiction, before it’s too late.

Sense of Urgency

NTC responds quickly to calls for help. Family crises are treated as emergencies because the emotional pain and suffering of people close to the addicted individual can be extreme. The faster an intervention program begins, the faster family members will experience relief.

Skilled NTC consultants, interventionists and counselors, act with a high sense of urgency to identify the family members affected. Then we introduce resources that help families take control and make rational decisions regarding the addict’s treatment in the face of overwhelming crisis brought on by the disease of addiction.

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  • "I was out of control and headed for disaster. I needed help but was denying there was even a problem that I couldn't handle on my own. The counselor came to my home, worked with me and I was in treatment later that day. The intervention saved my life. It's over one year later and my life is better than ever, thank you!"
    - Liz – San Francisco, CA
  • "Addictive Behavior Management has helped me get through treatment and stay in recovery. Getting healthy can be more difficult than imagined after being addicted. The counselors worked with me and now I'm back in school and enjoying life. Thank you!"
    - Lisa – New York, NY
  • "Our son was agressive and manipulative, we couldn't even start to talk to him about his problem. He was in some legal trouble and we feared he would end up in jail or worse. The counselor came to our house after we set up a treatment plan and then drove him into the treatment center that night. We could not have helped our son without the intervention."
    - Phoenix, AZ
  • "My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me and is the loving father of our three daughters. I love him and knew something had to be done, our marriage and household was unraveling. I tried to get him help on my own, but he wouldn't get real treatment. The intervention helped me understand what it takes to get someone you love into treatment and save a marriage. Thank you for all your help."
    - Lori – Orange County, CA
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